In just a few short weeks (give or take), kids return to school, teachers to their posts, and most of us to our hometowns. But, that still leaves time for one last summer getaway, and we’ve got some great ideas to fill in that last blank spot on the calendar. Give the kids something to talk about back at school and make memories that will keep everyone connected, even once you’re back in the normal routine.




  • climbingRock climbing is one of our new favorite family-friendly activities. Learn to trust one another and overcome obstacles together with help from our friends at San Juan Mountain Guides. You can climb mountains or scurry your way up cliffs surrounding Durango. Either way, you’ll plant a seed for continued exploration.


  • Sometimes having a guide feels like a disruption to important family time, so why not just rent a UTV? Big enough for four and with the ability to take you deep into the mountains, take off on an adventure. Together you’ll fiSoaringnd a perfect perch in the mountains for exploring, picnics and spectacular views.
  • Soaring Tree Top Adventures is an unforgettable adventure to have as a family. Even for those who fear heights, the incredible train ride to Soaring is worth it in and of itself. And, for those who crave taking to the sky, Soaring offers the longest zip line in the world, and optimal opportunities for experiencing the world of the weightless.
  • If unstructured opportunity for group exploration is what you’re after, strike out on any of the impeccable hiking trails around Durango and see what you can discover. From unique geology and history to 14,000-foot peaks, a short drive and a day hike can produce a year’s worth of memories.

We know every family is unique, and we know things are busy with the school year fast approaching, so let us handle the logistics. Just tell us your time frame, budget and interests, and we’ll put together a perfect package suited to your needs.