Ready for a unique Hot Springs Soak?

Pagosa Springs has long been famous for its healing natural hot springs and surrounding natural beauty.  What is less well known, however, is that there are some hidden Hot Springs gems in Pagosa other than the large pools at the famous resort.  Overlook Hot Springs is Pagosa’s newest hot springs attraction and an absolute “must-see!”  This great unique springs is set inside a historic Victorian building right in the heart of downtown Pagosa overlooking the San Juan river and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

What sets this place apart you ask? Overlook boasts full spa and massage services and allows you to enjoy 5 indoor soaking tubs, a rooftop sauna and 3 rooftop tubs! Check out the Overlook Springs and, make a stay out of it.  As us about a Pagosa Springs stay and soak package.

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