Denver to Glenwood Springs on the Amtrak is one of our best-selling vacation packages, and it’s not exactly a mystery why. Though trains may no longer be the most common mode of travel, they lend a touch of history, heritage and nostalgia to any vacation. A not-insignificant bonus of train travel: not driving. Instead, settle in and enjoy the epic views in an eco-friendly, low-stress fashion.

This year-round adventure is a perfect escape from the hustle-and-bustle of the Mile High City. Glenwood Springs has long been catering to tourists looking to unwind. Combine your Amtrak ride with lodging and some things to do for a fun getaway.  Book your Glenwood Springs Amtrak Package today!

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station. Photo: Wally Gobetz

The California Zephyr, which travels all the way from Chicago to San Francisco, made its inaugural trip through the stunning Glenwood Canyon in 1949. The spectacular views in Glenwood Canyon, which was carved tens-of-thousands of years ago by the mighty Colorado River, inspired Amtrak to create the Vista-Dome Car so passengers could witness the stunning canyon walls that climb as high as 1,300 feet above the river. During your ride to Glenwood Springs, visit the Observation Car Lounge (pictured above) for the same panoramic views of the canyon.


Amtrak Station in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs Depot

So, after a leisurely morning at the historic Denver Union Station, hop aboard the Amtrak, and six hours and countless unforgettable views later, you’ll land in beautiful Glenwood Springs. Once you’ve arrived, take advantage of the many other “ride-friendly” opportunities in Glenwood: horseback rides and river rides, bike rides and Segway tours. Then, before settling in for a solid night’s sleep at one of Glenwood’s quality options for accommodation, consider a soak in the hot springs to relieve aching muscles, solidify your slip into vacation mode, and replay the day’s adventures.


Whether you’ve got one night or a full week, are traveling solo or with a family of ten, let Gateway Reservations help you create an Amtrak to Glenwood Springs package that suits your travel wants and needs.  Not traveling from Denver but still interested in the Amtrak? No problem—you can hop the train anywhere on the California Zephyr line between Chicago and San Francisco and head for Glenwood. Just ask us!

Glenwood Springs Aerial

Glenwood Springs aerial. Photo: GSCRA


Book your Glenwood Springs Amtrak Package today!