The Outdoor Adventure Hub Package in Durango CODurango is in the press again, honored as one of the best outdoor adventure hubs in the world!  This time, Durango took 2nd place as the runner up to Lake Wanaka, New Zealand in the April 2012 edition of Outside Magazine.  We have to say, there is no shame in being 2nd to a beautiful and diverse place like New Zealand, but we are guessing that Durango just might be a bit more accessible to the majority of us in the U.S. this year!  Sure, we would all love to enjoy the scenic beauty and outdoor wonder that New Zealand has to offer but, at least speaking for ourselves, the thousands of dollars ($1800 was the cheapest we could find) and the 14 – 19 hour flight to get there is just out of reach this summer…

Lucky for us, Durango has equally incredible scenery, wilderness and outdoor adventures to be had – right in your own backyard!  Affordable, accessible and just as exciting, Durango is sure to help you make it easy and affordable to satiate your appetite for adventure this summer.  To help you find out for yourself why Durango is listed right next to one of the most incredible destinations in the world, we built the Outdoor Adventure Hub package.

Combine your lodging with a variety of adventure activities and enjoy great discounts.  Just think, you could book your entire family and a full itinerary for the price of one plane ticket to that “other” adventure hub!

Book your Outdoor Adventure Hub Package today!

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