Bruce Moss, owner of Gateway Reservations, and his friend and marketing mentor, Greg Phillips, took the day off on Friday, July 21 to spend the day in the San Juan Mountains celebrating Bruce’s birthday.  They normally hike, but today they decided to take in the high-country views from a UTV (utility task vehicle).

Greg rented a 2-seater Polaris RZR® (you can also rent a 4-seater to share the ride with friends and family), a performance side-by-side UTV from Durango Adventure Rentals, located in Durango. He said the owner, Chuck, was super easy to work with and delivered the RZR® on a trailer to him at his house. Chuck hooked the trailer up to Greg’s truck, walked him through how everything works, and provided clear instructions and recommendations on where to go. There were even helmets and goggles for Greg to use. He was impressed with how easy the process was.

Bruce rented his Polaris RZR® from Colorado Outback Adventures (which is stationed right at Purgatory Resort, about 25 miles north of Durango), went into their retail store, located in the plaza of the resort, they gave him, a map, goggles, helmet, and gave recommendations on where to go.

This time of year, during monsoon season, it’s best to get an early start to avoid thunderstorms.  They packed a cooler with lunch, water, rain gear, and, of course, cameras.  There were plenty of puddles from previous rain storms to romp right through.  Some of the trails they rode included Scotch Creek Trail, Hotel Draw, and Hermosa Park Road. You wouldn’t know it, but there are a lot of trails to explore behind Purgatory resort. They found ruins of an old mine with a cabin, saw waterfalls, creeks, and amazing wild flowers.  Everything was green and lush, thanks to the recent monsoonal rains in the high-country! What a great way to spend the day – and it comes highly recommended!