Customer Service at Starlight Lodge was Amazing

The Amtrak ride to Glenwood Springs was a little annoying as there were a lot of small children who cried the majority of the time. The train was very behind schedule. The scenery was great to be able to see, which is why I wanted to take the train. The conductor even gave little facts about the areas we were passing through, which was informative and pretty neat.

The customer service at Starlight Lodge was amazing. Upon arrival, I was offered a whole apartment. Full living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with a king size bed. This worked out amazingly for me as I like to prepare most of my own food on vacations. It wasn’t 5 star accommodations, but I knew that when I booked with you and that was fine with me as I didn’t plan on being in my room much. The motel is centrally located which was my most favorite thing about it. I was able to walk everywhere I needed to go. The city is very walkable and easy to get around.

The first night I choose to do the hot springs. There are a couple different options in town for this. I did the one at Iron Mountain, which apparently, is the nicer of the options. It was clean and staff was friendly.  There are several different bath temperatures to choose from. It was a little busy, but people travel to Glenwood Springs for this experience so that is to be expected.

The second day I was there I did the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. I was semi disappointed in this, but still was able to enjoy my time spent there. I really wanted to do the cave tours. The lines fill up for the next tour before the current tour ever leaves. They only do tours every 20-30 minutes so it’s possible to be in line for an hour or more. I’m not much one for amusement rides so I did not ride any of the rides. Still happy I made it a point to stop and experience this little adventure park. On this day,  I also picked up the e-bike which you arranged for me to pick up early at no extra cost so I could get to hanging lake in the morning. Glenwood Adventure Company was great to work with. When walking there, Google Maps brings you to their old location, but it’s not a big deal as they just moved two doors down. I thought about taking the e-bike down the Rio Grande Trail, but I didn’t want to run out of battery for my Hanging Lake adventure. The employee said you could go up to 35 miles on one charge.

The third day was amazing. I left super early (around 4:45am ish) to get to my 6:30am Hanging Lake reservation. The paved trail was absolutely perfect. While steep in some areas I didn’t “notice” the actual elevation gain. It was a great bike ride up to Hanging Lake. If other people are seeking this option I recommend biking shorts. Also, if they will be leaving in dark, I also recommend buying a bike light and maybe even a cell phone holder. These items can all be purchased at Walmart for a reasonable price. It took me an hour to get to hanging lake using the e-bike. I was able to start my hike early and was rewarded with being the only one at Hanging Lake and the waterfall. The pictures do not do the area justice.  On my way down I saw several people hiking up. I also took advantage on this day to visit the vapor caves that one of the locals told me about. It was an experience I was happy to have.

The last day I did a whitewater rafting tour put on by Glenwood Adventure Company. The boat house is about an hour walk from town (along busy roads), but they offer a ride if requested, so I took full advantage of this option. They were late picking me up so I was worried I was going to miss my adventure, but not many people take advantage of the shuttle ride. Depending on how many people request a ride they may show up late. This was super early in the whitewater season, so it wasn’t as exciting as I had anticipated. It was a good experience for my first time. So I could learn best way to sit in the raft and basic commands.

The Amtrak train ride back to Denver was peaceful and I very much enjoyed it. This train was perfectly on time which I was thankful for as I had to head right to the airport and any delays would have put me at risk of missing my plane. I was able to make it just in time.

Thank you for making this a wonderful vacation for me!

~ M. Bakker 06.21.2021

Iron Mountain Hot Springs – WOW!

Everything was great! My recommendation to you is have a follow-up email with your customers (otherwise we all forget! lol) I did receive a few follow-up emails and texts from The Glenwood Springs Inn.

Amtrak- Everything worked out with that. We arrived about 40 mins early. Not many people were on that train so we got decent seats. Seats were comfortable and we enjoyed the viewing lounge car. Only thing I could say that was kind of out of whack was coming back. I guess they have to turn around to backup to get into Denver.  All was going fine but once we reached the area where we were supposed to connect with other train they were having problems I presume connecting.  They turned off the train as well as electricity so it was beginning to get a little hot. Only thing I would have recommended on their end was to make a PA about it. Everyone was left wondering what was going on and so that made people irritable and upset.  That’s the only thing I can think of that went wrong with Amtrak.

Glenwood Springs Inn- We thought it was very nice. We didn’t expect or need anything fancy as we try not to be in our hotel most of the time anyway.  We enjoyed the free continental breakfast in the morning!  Only thing that happened was when we checked in for some reason (we didn’t notice till our credit card was ran) That they accidently charged us for the full nights. Meaning, they didn’t realize that we had booked everything through you beforehand. Not really sure what happened there. We brought it to their attention and they fixed everything. Rooms were nice and clean.  Only thing that was kind of a bummer was their cable selection! lol not many channels… but I  assume that’s just kind of a small town thing. But, besides all that we were very pleased!  🙂

Iron Mountain Hot Springs- WOW! Just wow!! Sooooooo much better than the big hot springs pool!! We thought the place was beautiful and very peaceful! I did like the fact that you had to make a reservation (time slot) to attend.  It helped with keeping it not so busy as the hot tubs are the smaller ones so too many people would just not be very pleasurable.  We truly enjoyed it and actually that day we had rented bikes for the day so we were able to ride our bikes up there and back. Definitely would recommend the hot springs to anyone! And not many kids which was so NICE!!!!!

I have given your info to a few of my friends and family as they are looking to take the Amtrak somewhere.

And again, truly appreciated your help! I will go into google now and leave a review!

Thank you for the info on San Fran! It will be something that we will look into here in the near future! And like you pointed out, hopefully pretty soon you’ll be able to work out some sort of package stay with them.  Makes things so much easier!

I tried to be very thorough with our stay but there wasn’t anything bad about it!

Please let me know if you have any further questions for me! And I will be in touch soon with our San Fran trip!

~ J. Mickelson   06.22.2021


The Cave Tours Were Great

The upgraded hotel was a perfect idea. After each event we did, we got to come relax in the pool. Rafting and the guides were awesome. We both thought it a little vanilla but being our first rafting trip it was the right one. The Caverns Adventure Park was good. The cave tours were great. We enjoyed them very much. ~ D. Anderson 08.15.2021


I Had a Blast

The trip was awesome! I had a blast. I’d like to work with you again when I take another trip. I hope things are going well with you. ~ M. Okey 09.15.2021

Best Vacation We’ve Had in a Long Time

Our Glenwood Springs trip was awesome.  The whole trip was great. Best vacation we’ve had in a long time. The Hotel Denver is the best, the train was so nice, organized, lots of room, and professional train employees. You did a fantastic job for us. We still talk about it, and will return to this same trip soon.  We would like to take our grown children and grandchildren on this trip someday. Thanks again for your wisdom and how you put the time into creating an awesome package for us.  ~ C. and B. Augustin 09.15.2021

The Caverns Adventure Park Was Very Fun! 

We loved our trip to Glenwood.  The train ride was quite scenic.  You see towns and scenery you can not see from I 70.

We stayed in the Glenwood Springs Hotel. It was good for kids with the indoor swimming pool and proximity to the Caverns Adventure Park, but it was a mile uphill from the train station. The Hotel Denver, the Hotel Colorado, or the Glenwood Springs Inn would be a better bet for just adults. They are more centrally located.  The Caverns Adventure Park was very fun!  I am happy that we all were kept safe and we all loved the Park.  Thanks for your help, Lori.  ~ S. Stiffler 09.15.2021

Awesome 60th Birthday Celebration

Our 60th birthday celebration & surprise with 6 additional guests for my husband was pretty awesome on the Amtrak, the stay at the Glenwood Springs Inn (very clean hotel & friendly), and the Iron Mountain Hot Springs. We all thoroughly enjoyed the scenery on the train and the rooftop patio at the hotel was our favorite hangout in the evening. What a special & memorable way to travel & great accommodations. We greatly appreciate you setting us all up so efficiently and for your recommendations on the sunset time of 5:30-8:00 at Iron Mountain . . .the later evening time began to get crowded. Thank you so much!  ~ S. Richardson 09.15.2021


We Had A Great Trip

We had a great trip. The weather was great. A little disappointed that there was not a gift shop, or some kind of small store for general items one might need. The suite was gorgeous! The train was good, the usual delays when traveling by train. This something you might want to give people a heads up on, as we were 5 hours late getting home. All in all, we really enjoyed our get away. Thank you for your great customer service.  ~ J. Hayes 09.16.2021