Very Easy To Get Around Without a Car

My Glenwood trip was great. I found it very easy to get around without a car. Everything was within walking distance. Spent a lot of time visiting historical places and talking with a lady at the Visitor Information Center. We really clicked. The hotel was awesome, staff and facilities. ~ G. Henderson 11.07.2021

The Trip Was A Lot of Fun

The trip was a lot of fun.  The hotel picked us up and took us back to the train station (when it was time to leave).  They even took us to the hot springs on Tuesday.  The hotel was close enough to town, so it was easy to get around. It was raining on Tuesday, which was great for the hot springs, but not good to do anything else. The train ride was a lot of fun also. ~ A. Collier 11.08.2021

Thanks For Setting It All Up

It was great.

End to end.

We had a lot of fun.

Thanks for setting it all up.

~ J. Cobbett 11.08.2021

Planning To Do It Again

Thank you for all you did for us on our trip. We absolutely loved it and are planning to do it again sometime in the future. We loved it so much. Thank you again! ~ T. Jenkins 11.10.2021

In a Nutshell, It was Lovely.

Thanks for checking in.  In a nutshell, it was lovely.  The train ride was comfortable and fun.  The hotel started a little questionable, but ended up being perfect.  It was a wonderful memory.

Train issues that could have been better – Union Station had no signage or people working (that we could find) so we had no idea where to go and ended up following a crowd of other lost travelers.  Finally, just got in a line with one person who seemed to have done it before. Train had some pretty steep steps that was really hard for mom to navigate.  She made it but with stress. We got on the train and found 4 seats together, but then were told that they were reserved by the conductor.  So we tried to find other seats and had to split up.  The only seats I could find had food and drink poured on the seats (probably why they were empty).  Conductor said they would clean but started moving and she found us other seats that were also supposedly reserved.  In the end, we had seats although split up, and the original reserved conductor seats that we found initially turned out not to be reserved at all and given to other travelers.  Ugh.

However, like I said, the ride was very nice after all these initial problems were resolved.  The ride back had no issues and we were able to sit together and spent most of the time in the viewing lounge car all together playing cards and enjoying the scenery.  It was loads of fun.

Hotel – The penthouse room reserved for my parents wasn’t quite penthouse like.  It turned out to be very dark, windows were small and covered and hard to reach and pointed to the alley in back.  There were some cleaning issues that mom wasn’t happy with. It actually wasn’t as nice as the “normal” room I had. However, after voicing her concerns, the hotel did the right thing and moved them to a ground floor suite that was amazing!!!  We enjoyed it so much and it was much better for mom’s mobility to be on the ground floor.  The Hotel itself was like a museum, and mom loved reading all about the history and reliving our trip from 47 years ago.

Also the hotel had a wonderful shuttle driver that my parents loved and received a free tour of the town. Couldn’t have ended up better.

Thank you for a lovely trip and memory.  ~ A. Gavaldon 11.18.2021


It was Awesome!

I’ve been meaning to thank you for the trip…it was awesome! We didn’t need to go anywhere we couldn’t walk too. We enjoyed the food (especially the hotel food), the hot springs, and our relaxing time together. We can’t thank you enough for making this so easy! ~ G. Banse 11.20.2021

We Loved Our Accommodations at the Hotel Denver

It was a great trip and we loved our accommodations at the Hotel Denver.  Thanks for your help and finding us such a great deal.  ~ D. Leininger 12.14.2021

I Loved That I Wasn’t the Driver!

We loved our train ride the most!  My kids were impressed with how roomy the seats were and that they could get up and walk around whenever they wanted. I loved that I wasn’t the driver! The only negative was the lateness of the train leaving Glenwood Springs, but I understand weather delays. The hotel was nice, the room a little small.  We enjoyed room service and the decorated lobby!  The kids went to the hot springs pool one night. The weather was bad Friday so the gondola was closed.  We stayed in the room and watched movies, ordered room service and played games!  I will definitely take another train trip in the future!  Thank you. ~ S. Smith 01/10/2022