Traveling to Durango With Dogs? 5 Things You Should Know!

Have you ever heard someone say, “I love my dog like a child”?  If you have ever caught yourself saying that, then Durango is for you!  Gone are the days that you must leave your dog behind because they are inconvenient to take along on vacation.  We don’t just have mountains and campgrounds that your fur baby can enjoy, but the city of Durango has many pet-specific amenities, too.  In addition to hundreds of hikes, we are brimming with countless pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, activities, and services.  Don’t leave your pup behind on your next trip to Durango, Colorado!

Where to Eat

It’s not often you can take your dog with you to dinner! From The Dawg House to Grassburger, to Seasons Grill – Durango has more than a few dog-friendly restaurants for every occasion.  Check out the list here.

Where to Stay

“Dog-friendly” doesn’t do Durango justice.  With over 60 dog-friendly hotels, Durango should be dubbed “Doggie Heaven.”  Right on the Animas River is one of the more scenic hotels, the DoubleTree by Hilton.  Near the Train Station, we have Best Western and on your way to Mesa Verde, there’s a Holiday Inn.  You would have a hard time finding a place that doesn’t make an exception for dogs.

Hotels aren’t your only option either.  Durango has a variety of eclectic places to stay – from country farmhouses to romantic cottages.  Spend the weekend in style with plenty of room for your pup.

Where to Go

Let’s start with the obvious: dog parks.  Durango is home to one of the most beautiful dog parks you will ever lay eyes on.  No more than 5 minutes from downtown Durango and nestled between Smelter Mountain and the Animas River, Durango Dog Park has 6 square miles of land for your dog to stretch their legs.  Let your pooch run around at the dog park and then enjoy a nice hike on the Smelter Mountain trail head that overlooks the city.

Dog traveling in car

What to Do

In addition to being a wonderland for people, Durango is a dog’s dream play yard!  The outdoor activities your dog can participate in are endless. Dogs do it all here.  Walking, hiking, swimming, biking, fetching and even rafting!  Durango boasts breathtaking views, mountains, rivers, and lakes.  We even have 7 miles of paved trails alongside our river!  Here’s a list of the best dog-friendly trails.   There’s little your dog can’t do here.

Want to go shopping with your dog?  Though it’s not heavily-advertised, Durangoans love their dogs so much that many shop owners in the downtown area leave water bowls out for them.  It’s rare not to see a dog tied up outside a downtown shop with its own fan club.

And if that’s not enough, there are many sanctioned events that you may also have the chance to be a part of (depending on the season).

  • Snowdown:  This event takes place at the beginning of February. Each year there is a different theme that you and your pup can dress up for.  Not only that, but Snowdown almost always has dog shows, agility competitions, and costume contests.  Plus, winners of these events often win a prize for their owners!
  • Pet Expo:  Hosted at the Fairgrounds in June, we have an expo that rivals any pet event in the Four Corners.  Do you happen to look like your pet?  Does your pet have talent? With so many pet activities, adoptions, products, toys, and food for all, you won’t want to leave. Check out the Facebook video of their Dock Dogs event from June 18th, 2017:
  • Dog Agility Event:  Around the fourth of July, Durango Agility Dogs hosts many unique events including an 11-legged race, musical chairs and an egg and spoon race!

Pet Services

  • Pet Sitters: In the rare event that your dog can’t go along for the fun, we have a plethora of pet sitters who would love to take care of your pup while you play.  Check out Healthy Hounds and Fat Cats, Willow Tree, Dogs Rock or Paws ‘N Playtime.  Or if you would like a unique dog-sitting experience, these locals will watch your dog for you in their own home and even offer to meet you where you are.
  • Pet Grooming: If you want your dog to look their best on vacation, this pet resort has all your pet’s needs in one place. They groom a variety of dog breeds and in all sizes. Does your dog need a quick wash after all of that playing, rolling around, and jumping at the dog park?  Healthy Hounds & Fat Cats has a great deal for only $15 to wash and they massage your dog!

If you did not know it before, you know now: Durango is one doggone friendly town!  Bringing your dog will no longer feel like an inconvenience, but instead, make your experience fuller. Come visit us and see why Durango make such a fantastic vacation destination.