Turning a home into a Vacation Rental

The 2012 USA Pro Challenge Race starts in Durango on August 20th, 2012.

Gateway Staff Welcomes the 2012 Pro Challenge to Durango

Durango City Council recently announced that the city will be waiving fees and permit requirements for homeowners that want to offer their homes as vacation rentals as more than 20,000 cyclists, media and enthusiasts descend upon Durango for the US Pro Challenge Bike Race this August.   As Durango prepares to almost certainly run into capacity issues, many Durango residents are planning to get out of town and earn some extra income by putting their house up for rent.  However, with a flood of new homes entering the rental pool, owners also need to thoroughly consider what it takes to successfully offer their property as a rental.

Vacation home rentals can often come with unexpected hiccups and challenges that a homeowner may not have considered as they prepare to offer their home to strangers for a fee.  “Visitors will be paying a premium for their stay, which typically comes with high expectations, so home owners will want to anticipate some of the common headaches that come with offering a vacation rental,” cautions Kory Samson, Sales and Marketing Director with Gateway Reservations.

As Durango’s local Central Reservation service, Gateway Reservations is working with the Durango Area Tourism Office, hotels and private homeowners to provide lodging and activity reservations for racers and visitors for the US Pro Challenge race.  Samson says that the vacation home experience is much different than a resident’s experience.  “Some homeowners will make common mistakes like leaving food in the refrigerator or cabinets, clothes in the closet or other personal items accessible that they may not want strangers having access to.”  While renting out your home can be very profitable, it can also be a very challenging and time consuming process to get your home ready to be a true vacation rental.

Gateway Reservations offers a checklist on its website to help owners identify some of the things they should consider if they are going to offer their home for rent for this special event.  Things like how you will market your home to visitors, how to provide access, how will you secure your belongings, will there be cleaning and damage deposits, and many other considerations made the list.   The full checklist can be found at

In addition, owners have to consider not only how they will deal with visitors during and after their trip, but also how they can effectively market their house to the visitors that are coming in.  With hundreds of new homes coming on the market, it is important to have a plan as to how you will get your property noticed.  Services such as Durango Central Reservations are an example of a way that you can list your availability for riders.  Coinciding with the special exemptions from the city, Gateway Reservations has offered to waive their annual listing fees to homeowners that want to offer special availability during the Pro Challenge.

For more information on listing your property with Gateway Reservations, you can visit our Listing Partnership page.  If you are looking for information on visiting for this exciting race, visit US Pro Challenge Reservations page.

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