Our Unforgettable “Accounts Retrievable”

By November 4, 2016Uncategorized

Chloe has been a member of our family and our “Accounts Retrievable” at Gateway Reservations for over 13 years.  One week ago Thursday, she passed in her sleep and will be missed by many.

She was the sweetest, most loyal companion to our family.  Our employees, visitors, and friends all loved her.  Chloe occasionally received emails from our customers asking about pet-friendly lodging and activity options in Durango and she always had great advice to offer.

Dogs are an intricate part of Durango’s unique sense of community. Dogs are everywhere and as all of us dog lovers know, they are part of our family.

Chloe at Work

Chloe had a great life here, enjoying all the things we Durangoans and our dogs love to do.  We will miss our beautiful mountain hikes, walks on the Animas River Trail, and cross country skiing together around Vallecito Lake.  (Chloe, however, will not miss the mini snowballs collected between her toes).  She loved to swim in the Animas River, Vallecito Lake, McPhee Reservoir, and Lake Navajo.  She never learned how to ski or snowboard, but I’m sure she would have love those too.

Accounts RetrievableChloe offered a friendly greeting to our office visitors and delivered interoffice mail to employees on command (for a treat, of course).  And in between tasks, she patiently slept or rested quietly waiting for the next walk.  She rarely barked, and when she did, it seemed to startle her.

She was a beautiful, gentle Golden Retriever with an old soul. We feel so privileged and honored to have had her in our lives.  To quote my husband’s grandmother, “It is better to have had and lost than to never have had at all.”

RIP, dear Chloe.  Missing you.