5 Ways to Enjoy Sledding in Durango

The snow is here, winter is in full swing, and sledding is just one of many family-friendly ways to enjoy the season. Whether it’s a mellow slide down an in-town hill before a family meal or cup of coffee, or a ride through snow-dusted pines in the mountains, Durango knows how to ride:

1. Sleigh Rides

North of town you’ll find two stables offering winter sleigh rides. At Buck’s Livery, conveniently located across the highway from Purgatory Resort, Belgian and Percheron Draft horses will pull you and your loved ones on an 8-person sleigh for an unforgettable sunset tour.

About ten minutes closer to town, Rapp’s Corral offers cozy and intimate 2-person or everyone’s welcome 10-person sleigh rides on a three-mile loop around Haviland Lake at the base of the Hermosa Cliffs. Snuggle up with warm blankets and hot cocoa while bells jingle on the gorgeous horses that guide you through the snow.

Winter sleigh rides, Durango CO

Snuggle up behind gorgeous horses on an unforgettable sleigh ride. Photo courtesy of DATO.

2. Purgatory Resort’s Snow Coaster Tubing Hill

Open on the weekends from noon to 6, this is a great way to enjoy some resort fun with family members who aren’t necessarily ready to ski, or to lengthen the ski day by heading to the hill after the slopes close at 4.

3. Durango Dog Ranch

The athletic pups over at Durango Dog Ranch offer a unique and adventurous way to enjoy a dog sled tour in the San Juans. The locally-owned and operated teams are high energy and incredible to watch. Whether you take an intro-to-mushing loop offered at Purgatory Resort or head out on a full-day excursion, you’re in for an unforgettable ride.

dog sledding, Durango CO

Dog sledding at Purgatory Resort. Photo courtesy of DATO.

4. Durango Adventure Tour’s Snowcat Tour

For a large group and a comfortable ride, Durango Adventure’s Snowcat Tour is an excellent option.  All warm and cozy inside the cat, you’ll travel through the back country to the perfect perch before watching the sun set on the San Juans, bathing them in that infamous alpenglow.

Durango snowcat tour.

snowcat tour, Photo courtesy of Durango Adventure Tours.

5. Downtown Durango:

Pack your toboggan, your tube, your snow disk, because depending on snow conditions, Durango has various backyard sledding options: at Chapman Hill just a five-minute drive from downtown, beginner, and advanced sled riders can test their speed and skills; on the north end of downtown Durango, Buckley Park offers free and family-friendly sledding just blocks away from innumerable dining and accommodation options.

Sledding, Durango CO, winter adventures

Sledding in Durango! Photo courtesy of DATO.

Give us a call for the latest snow reports, sledding hot spots and general information—we’re here to help you make the most of your Durango-cation.