Benefits of Hot Springs

Maybe you’ve always enjoyed soothing, mineral-rich hot springs because of how wonderful you felt afterward, but there is a plethora of natural health benefits you may not have even known about.  Throughout history, people have enjoyed them for their scenic, often breathtaking, beauty, scientific value and mysterious, yet well-attested natural healing powers.  Enjoying one of our earth’s natural spas might be just what the doctor ordered.  Let Gateway Reservations arrange your stay at the luxurious Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  You will find yourself just steps from the world’s largest hot springs pool and the Lodge’s wide range of first-class amenities.

Whatever you call them – mineral baths, hot springs, or natural spas – soaking in them is reputed to offer a throng of therapeutic benefits including increasing your blood flow, metabolism, improving sleep, reducing pain, repairing skin, absorbing essential minerals and simply providing the best in immediate and total relaxation.  During a hot spring soak, the body absorbs trace amounts of minerals.  The trace minerals, heat, buoyancy and vapors provide healing to various organs throughout the body.

Soaking in natural hot springs waters have long been purported to benefit you from head to toe – literally.  Heat from the hot springs wraps aching muscles and helps provide soothing relief.  The minerals present in the water get soaked in by the skin to excite bodily processes.  Let’s delve deeper into the reasons why hot springs are so beneficial.

Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge Pool

Glenwood Hot Springs Spa.


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of enjoying a natural hot springs bath is relaxation at its best.   While you’re sitting in the pool, the heat deeply relaxes your muscles helping you naturally release physical tension.  Relaxing should never be underestimated.  Chronic stress can create all kinds of serious health complications including an increase in cortisol.  Stress-induced levels of cortisol can ultimately affect just about everything in our system.  While relaxing just plain feels good, know that it is critically important to our overall health.

Blood Circulation

When you bathe in hot springs, your skin soaks in a variety of minerals and it results in increased blood circulation and oxygen flow.  The best part is, you don’t even have to exercise! More oxygen in your bloodstream and increased circulation is very advantageous to keeping your body’s vital organs healthy. Floating in the water brings about a weightlessness that also helps to increase circulation. If you can’t drag yourself to a gym, drag yourself to the hot springs instead!

Promotes Sleep

Heat relaxes tense muscles, which we all know is conducive to a better night’s sleep.  Your body temperature rises as you soak in the water, then as soon as you exit the water, your temperature quickly cools down. This body-heating and body-cooling process can help you relax and fall into a deeper sleep.  You’ll find that these events are very much intertwined: reducing stress clears and relaxes your mind which helps you sleep better.  Sleeping better helps you tackle stress and relax more quickly!

Glenwood Hot Springs Pool Lodge

Aerial view of Glenwood Hot Springs Pool & Lodge

Relieves Pain, Naturally

If you’re among the many who suffer from chronic muscle pain, various forms of arthritis and even fibromyalgia, then soaking may bring about welcomed pain relief! Hot springs have long been touted to aid swollen joints, muscle fatigue, arthritic stiffness and more.  Asian cultures have used hot springs to treat these pains for thousands of years. The heat loosens skin and muscles from the bones and allows the participant to move freer than ever.

Improves Skin Conditions

Did you know that sulfur is known as nature’s beauty mineral?  Sulfur is needed by your body to make collagen and collagen help keep your skin elastic, beautiful and youthful. Likewise, the medicinal properties of the hot springs’ sulfur content can relieve painful eczema and psoriasis symptoms.  Additionally, the high concentration of silica found in hot springs can smooth and soften rough, dry skin. If you have skin conditions that trouble your daily life and nothing else seems to work, think about visiting a hot spring!  Open your eyes (and pores!) to the skin benefits of sulfur!

Nasal Congestion

The heat from the springs in combination with sulfur makes is a great combo to combat nasal congestion. The heat and steam rise to your sinuses and clear them making you a lot more comfortable in the process. Inhaling mineral water as vapor can be an effective treatment for sinus problems, allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.  Clearing mucus from the lungs facilitates breathing easier.

Naturally-occurring hot springs are found on in many countries on every continent in the world.  Colorado is blessed with an abundance of them!  Best of all, with Gateway’s Ski and Stay packages, you can bundle your lodging, hot springs stay and lift tickets together to save big!  Give us a call to book your hot springs getaway!