What is Ziplining?

A zip line is a form of outdoor entertainment and comprises a pulley suspended on a stainless-steel cable mounted on a sloping angle.  The rider is propelled by gravity to soar from the top to the bottom of the cable by securely attaching to the moving pulley.  It’s safe, fast, exhilarating, and fun!

Zipline tours are a popular vacation activity and fun for the entire family. Durango has two fun zip-line adventures to choose from:  Durango Adventures and Soaring Tree Top Adventures.



Durango Adventures is located only one mile from downtown Durango, CO.  Tour the tall Ponderosa Pines with beautiful Colorado mountain views in every direction.  Enjoy this ultimate two-hour adventure that’s perfect for the thrill-seeker and nature lover.  Keep in mind, there is a 15-minute hike up a nature trail, gaining about 400 feet in elevation, to where the zipline tour begins. For some people, this can be challenging.

Soaring Tree Top Adventures, the largest zipline adventure in the world, is here in Durango, Colorado! With 34 platforms, over 27 spans, soar over beautiful mountain scenery, the Ponderosa forest, and crisscross the Animas River.  This is a full-day of family-friendly adventure.  During your adventure, you will soar over a mile and a half of zipline spans, stop for a water/snack break, and have time to enjoy a delicious gourmet picnic lunch in the trees. Guests ride the Durango & Silverton Railroad in a first-class train car to access this remote property, offering two unique adventures in one day.