Although the snowpack in Colorado might not have been as substantial as previous years, there is never a bad time to visit Glenwood Springs. Snow or no snow, there are still plenty of things to do while visiting this beautiful part of Colorado, especially if you’re traveling there by train! The town is small enough that you can get around with ease and see parts of this little mountain town that you wouldn’t normally get to see if you’re just driving by.

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

        Located in the heart of Glenwood, you will find America’s only theme park that offers a one-of-a-kind mountain-top setting. Although the main draw to the adventure park is the beautiful caverns that you can explore, you can also enjoy the 4D theater, laser tag, and exhilarating rides, including the alpine coaster, the Glenwood Canyon Flyer, the Soaring Eagle Zip Ride, and the all-new, Haunted Mine Drop!


Glenwood Caverns

Glenwood Caverns.


        As the weather starts to get warmer, the hiking opportunities become ready to be discovered! For experienced hikers, there are several natural waterfalls to explore as you trek around Hanging Lake, while less experienced or families with little ones can hike around Grizzly Creek.

La Provence Spa

        With the arrival of Spring, why not embark on a journey of self-discovery? One way to pamper your body and soul is at La Provence, where you can get massages, facials, steam baths with aromatherapy, energy cleansings and more. Take advantage of the various spa services while you’re in Glenwood for a head-to-toe relaxation experience.

Delicious Bites

        After a day of exploring, you will need to recharge. Fortunately, there are several options within the Glenwood Springs area. Why not check out Slope & Hatch, which offers several meals that are suitable for a variety of dietary restrictions. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop by Sweet Coloradough, where you can pick up a variety of handcrafted doughnuts.  If you are looking for something a bit more hardy, there are several sandwiches to choose from.

Family-Friendly Activities

        While the adults may enjoy the pampering opportunities that can be found in Glenwood Springs, there are a variety of fun options for kids of all ages. Whether your family is looking for adventure at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park or cruising down Glenwood Canyon in a raft or are looking for something a bit more laid back such as a visit to the Glenwood Vaudeville Revue or sightseeing from a Segway, there’s plenty of options for kids and adults of all ages.

Glenwood Vaudeville Revue

Glenwood Vaudeville Revue, a popular evening entertainment for the whole family!

Doc Holliday

        Although a visit to a cemetery may not sound like a fun attraction, Glenwood Springs is the resting place for an American legend known as Doc Holliday. Linwood Cemetery is the final home of Jon Henry “Doc” Holliday, who came to Glenwood in an attempt to cure his tuberculosis. While the hot springs were not able to provide a cure for what ailed Doc Holliday, the springs can help you to relax and unwind, leaving you in better shape than Doc!

Mental and Physical Wellbeing 

        Studies have shown that engaging in activities that are enjoyable and relaxing can leave you feeling recharged and can help you to cope with the stresses of daily life. Glenwood Springs has several opportunities to explore outdoors during the Spring months, as well as pampering options, improving both your physical and mental health.


        No matter where you visit during your time in Glenwood Springs, take some time to look around. You will simply be amazed by the variety of foliage, animals, and you will NOT want to miss the breathtaking sunsets, but make sure to bring a sweater or light jacket, as the temperatures tend to dip after the sun sets.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

        If you are coming to Glenwood Springs for some pampering and relaxation in the hot springs, why not make it a Stay and Spa getaway? Iron Mountain Hot Springs offers over a dozen hot springs pools to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body. Peak season for Iron Mountain Hot Springs starts 5/12 and runs through 10/29.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs

Relax in the water at Iron Mountain Hot Springs in Glenwood.

The sky is clear and the temperatures are starting to heat up. Now is the best time to make a trip over to Glenwood Springs. Why not book an adventure with Gateway Reservations to make relaxation a reality?