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Rex2 Our Favorite 10 Best FREE Things to do in Durango

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As you may have heard through the grapevine, our incredibly mild and dry weather makes Durango, Colorado a year-round destination for visitors from around the world. All four seasons offer something for everyone. And, if you are fortunate enough to live here, you know this first-hand. We moved our young family here from Florida nearly 29 years ago in the middle of January and have never regretted that decision. We spend much of our free time outdoors – all year long – enjoying the weather and our incredible scenery! Summer is delightful in Durango. Warm sunny days give in to…
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Rex2 9 Reasons to Visit Glenwood Springs in the Spring

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Although the snowpack in Colorado might not have been as substantial as previous years, there is never a bad time to visit Glenwood Springs. Snow or no snow, there are still plenty of things to do while visiting this beautiful part of Colorado, especially if you’re traveling there by train! The town is small enough that you can get around with ease and see parts of this little mountain town that you wouldn’t normally get to see if you’re just driving by. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park         Located in the heart of Glenwood, you will find America’s only theme park…
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Rex2 Why Durango is the Perfect Year-Round Vacation Destination

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Have you been trying to find a great vacation destination that you can visit year-round? Located in the Southwestern region of Colorado is where you will find the city of Durango, which has experienced an expansion in the number of visitors who have chosen this town as either a destination vacation or for others who choose to make this quaint town their home.  From being featured in travel magazines (like US News and Outside Magazine), the secret is out: Durango is where it's at. Packed with history and opportunities for year-round adventures, read more to find out why it captivates…
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Rex2 Traveling to Durango With Dogs? 5 Things You Should Know!

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Have you ever heard someone say, “I love my dog like a child”?  If you have ever caught yourself saying that, then Durango is for you!  Gone are the days that you must leave your dog behind because they are inconvenient to take along on vacation.  We don’t just have mountains and campgrounds that your fur baby can enjoy, but the city of Durango has many pet-specific amenities, too.  In addition to hundreds of hikes, we are brimming with countless pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, activities, and services.  Don’t leave your pup behind on your next trip to Durango, Colorado! Where…
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Rex2 10 Things to do in Durango in August

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Summer’s not over yet so don’t let that hold you back from experiencing the best that Durango has to offer in August! We locals know that the summer just gets better once August rolls around… don't believe us? We’ve listed our favorite reasons why late summer in Durango is one of the best times to come visit! Tubing the Animas River - If you haven’t been tubing down a river yet, have you ever really experienced the true Durango? Life changes once you’re down on the water and the river is perfect for tubing when the water gets low. Hot,…
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Rex2 Our Favorite Ways to Witness Fall

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Fall is beautiful in Durango: the river runs clear, the trees are on fire, the air is crisp and the days sunny and pleasant. With colors beginning to change and peak season just around the bend, we thought we’d share a couple of our favorite ways to get out there and soak up the sights.         OUR TOP FIVE: Hike There are innumerable trails in the Durango area for reveling in the incredible autumn colors. Late September, head to the high country where the aspens are combusting and the air is crisp. In town, the Animas River Trail…
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Rex2 Dog-Friendly Vacations to Durango

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It’s happened to many of us: you’re planning, plotting and dreaming the perfect vacation and then you remember, the DOG! What are you going to do with the dog? Fortunately, you won’t have to fret over Fido when it comes to your Durango vacation. From dog-friendly accommodations to countless outdoor activities, there’s no shortage of pup-friendly adventures to be had in this small mountain town. Here’s a sample dog-friendly Durango itinerary for your summer visit: Let us help you book accommodation at any one of Durango’s numerous dog-friendly hotels, with options for every budget and in multiple locations in and…
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Rex2 10 Tips for Making the Most of the Monsoons

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    In the mountains of the southwest, monsoons are afternoon rainstorms that roll in, offer a welcome drenching of a thirsty landscape and some awe-inspiring thunder, and then they depart. And, while these drenching rains keep the fires at bay and the river raging, they can put a damper on pre-planned activities, unless you’re strategic. So, here are 10 tips and tools for making sure the monsoons enhance (instead of inhibit) your vacation: Get out early for outdoor activities! Hiking, biking and horseback rides should be scheduled for the morning Hop aboard the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.…
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Rex2 “Glamping” in Canyonlands

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National Park Service's 100th Birthday is August 25, 2016! Durango, located in Southwest Colorado, has been my home for more than 26 years (if you don't count the two short years spent in Jackson Hole), and I'm still in love with this place.  To honor the National Park Service’s upcoming 100th birthday this summer, I wanted to write about our recent getaway weekend to Canyonlands National Park in Utah, which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2014.  This Park is an easy, scenic 3-hour drive from Durango.  Beautiful farmland and snow-capped mountain vistas dotted the landscape along the way. We joined…
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Rex2 Never Goodbye, Just So Long For Now

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It’s been a wild ride folks, but after 44 years living and working in Durango, and three and a half years working for Gateway Reservations, my family and I are off to explore other horizons.  As my soon-to-be former boss Bruce Moss says, “Living the Dream.” Tomorrow is my last day here at Gateway, and it is a bitter sweet moment for me. Not only will I miss the great people I work with, but all of the fantastic activities that I will not have at my door step.  The Durango & Silverton Railroad, riding through some of the most…
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