By Mashi Salomon, Local Travel Consultant

The day started off with the utmost excitement. Today would be the day that I would get to ride on the famous Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, as well as fly through the trees on the world’s longest and safest zipline course of its kind! I met Carrie, my co-worker, at Starbucks, and we both giggled with excitement at the thought of the impending day of adventure ahead of us.

Soaring's First Class Train Car

Soaring’s First Class Train Car

We crossed the street towards the train station, and immediately found Soaring Tree Top’s first-class train car that we would be riding. We waved hello to our Soaring attendant whom greeted us at the entrance to the car. Once inside we sat down on the cushioned and comfortable benches eager for the train’s whistle to indicate departure.

The train departed, and we took off through the beautiful Animas Valley. The train rode along the river, and the incredible views surrounded us from all sides. It felt like just a minute and we were exiting the train on to the beautiful Soaring property. The grounds took on a wilderness retreat type feel, and I felt an instant connection with the nature around me.

Mashi with the train conductor

Mashi with D&S Train’s Conductor

The group was whisked away into the building, and we were fitted with harnesses and provided with safety instructions. The climb towards the first zipline was both exhilarating and a bit nerve wracking. Once it was my turn, the guide said, “Go for it,” and I definitely did. I jumped off with both feet and soared towards the trees. What a magnificent feeling! At one point I let go with both hands and felt the air whooshing all around me.

Upside Down View of the Animas River

Carrie’s Upside Down View of the Animas River

At some point in the midst of all the swinging fun, we were led to metal platform deck suspended in the trees. Here, we were served the most amazing lunch of soup, salad, a delicious fresh tuna sandwich, and to top it all off warm apple pie for desert!

Despite being full and content we were excited to continue our day of zipping through the trees. The second half of the day was even more enchanting as we flew over the Animas River about 10 times. It felt like line after line of tricks, speed and beautiful scenery.

Soaring tree top's staff

Amazing Staff at Soaring Tree Top Adventures

The day ended with a zip-line race between me, and my co worker, Carrie. I won, and earned some bragging rights. We were than picked up by the train, and sat back happy and exhausted in our comfortable, cushioned seats, as we began our return journey back to Durango.  We had an amazing day with the Soaring Tree Top Zipline crew!

Call 800.828.4228 to speak with  Carrie or Mashi directly.  They will be happy to share their soaring experience and help you reserve your Soaring Treetop Adventure today.