Autumn is the ideal time of year to visit Southwest Colorado! The aspen leaves are turning, resulting in vibrant colors and breathtaking views in every direction.

We had the opportunity to experience the views in a unique way with an exciting 4 X 4 tour! Our knowledgeable guides from Durango Rivertrippers and Adventure Tours drove us high into La Plata Canyon in an open-air vehicle that allowed for panoramic views and the crisp, fresh air. As we ascended, our guide gave a history of this area’s rich past, and even stopped along the way so we could get out of the vehicle to explore and take pictures of some beautiful waterfalls.

Since we are adrenaline junkies, we loved the exciting, bumpy ride as we saw views that can’t be seen with regular vehicles. When we reached the summit, we enjoyed a snack, some water, and incredible photo opportunities before heading back down to Durango.

For folks who aren’t quite as adventurous or are concerned about weather, Durango Rivertrippers and Adventure Tours also offers enclosed vehicles, some with removable tops, offering a more relaxing, luxurious experience. And for people with time constraints, there is also a shorter, early evening tour available.

For anyone visiting the mountains of Colorado, this 4 X 4 tour is a ‘must do’ item on your itinerary! You will see amazing views that you might not otherwise experience again! Just give us a call, and we’ll help you plan your next exciting trip to colorful Colorado!